Pharma Packaging Solutions


At Pack Time, we understand how critical it is to meet the ever-increasing packaging demands of the Global Pharma Market. The Pharma Brands today are concerned about protecting their brands against counterfeit, besides ensuring that their products are safe, convenient to use, and fresh for consumption.

Our Packaging Solutions for solid dosage forms consist of a wide range of foils and laminates which are enhanced by superior quality Printing for the protection and growth of the Pharma brands. Currently the company provides Aluminum packaging solutions and has ambitious plans to expand into Coated Polymer Solutions as well.

Aluminium Packaging Solutions

The Pack Time Edge

  • Exceptional Printing Capabilities
    • Machinery with the ability to print in the smallest font size(upto 0.5) in the industry as an anti-counterfeit feature
    • Printing with Glow-in-the-Dark Ink
    • UV Ink Printing combined with micro font
    • Thermo-Chromic Print combined with micro font
    • Color Shifting Capabilities combined with UV Printing and micro Font
    • Various innovative and Anti-counterfiet print patterns
  • Excellent Product Character
    • Deep-Draw technique

This, and many more features tailor-made according to the customer’s request.