Aesthetic and Cost effective packaging

Strip Foils offer a cost-effective packaging option for highly sensitive pharmaceutical products. An ideal packaging technique for protection and supply of pharmaceuticals, strip foils offer a secure and more user-friendly alternative compared to bottled capsules and tablets. Our range of Strip Foils (30µ/40µ Alu Foils with extruded Polyethylene 38µ) depend on your demands for better barriers and longer shelf lives of tablets and capsules. Strip Foils pack your formulations in exact dimensions that make the pharmaceuticals appear organized, separated, and secure.

Product Technical Specifications

  1. Cold Form Foil (25 µm OPA/ 45 µm Alu foil/ 60 µm PVC)
  2. Cold Form Foil (PVC/OPA/Alu/PVC - 60/25/60/60)