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Blister Packaging

In response to the growing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, blister packaging has emerged as a crucial solution for smaller consumer goods. As the market expands, pharma companies increasingly rely on the protective and promotional capabilities of blister-packing designs to meet regulatory requirements and consumer needs. These innovative packaging devices not only safeguard products effectively but also enhance user convenience, enabling consumers to access individual items promptly, thereby reducing pack time and ensuring quick and efficient usage.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

Different types of blisters have been mentioned below:

Protection Pharma packaging; Blisters, not only protect the product against light oxygen humidity and contaminants, but they also protect the mishandling and tampering of the products. Since the product stays securely sealed in what conditions it is in from the external environment, the shelf life of the product increases adding a point of making the product safe and suitable for a long period and display.

Marketing - Pharma companies offer blister packaging that offers a range of colors and finishes. The card option also allows the manufacturers the clean space to include branding, instructions, product information, etc. making an attractive, easy-to-follow way. All these basic points help the product to stand out from the retail outlets helping in building brand awareness and eventually leading to customer loyalty.

Cost-effectivePharma companies offer Higher packaging speeds and reduced cost making blister a more cost-effective solution. They also minimize the need for additional cartons, thereby pharma packaging reducing the cost of packaging. There are different types of blister packaging like face seal, trap, mock, slide, and interactive.

Visibility – The containers make the encased products which are evident from outside. Doing so would provide reassurance that the amount that has been advertised and that all pieces are accounted for visibility promotes retail display and since the customer can view the item but not have a physical touch, it is safeguarded against the thieves and the tampering.

Tamper-resistantPack Time is one of the top  pharma companies that have their products individually sealed and therefore e individually protected from tampering because any form of tampering is immediately visible

 Types of Blisters

Blisters packaging offers a wide range of solutions among which here are some of them listed. Starting with the PVC. PCTFE PVDC and thermoform blisters for the less productive or Alu-Alu cold form blisters for the active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs that are very sensitive.

There are multiple types of blister packaging being used for pharma.

1.      Thermoformable blister packs

2.      Face seal blister

3.      Trapped blister

4.      Full cards blister

5.      Clamshell

6.      Skin packaging

Key Industries Using Blisters

Pharmaceutical industry –Most of the pharma packaging, use machines are built with the packaging of oral solid dose, liquid, and power type products in mind.

Medical industry – Pharma companies like Pack Time like the fact their machines are built the pharmaceutical grade but remain affordable for nutraceutical applications.

Consumer industry – Consumer products are often packaged in a blister.

Animal health industry – Animal health is a growing sector, and there are numerous solutions for today’s demanding animal health product package.

What Are Typical blister packaging applications in the consumer goods sector?

Pack Time, a pharma packaging company is also very popular with the consumer market goods. Compact, lightweight tamper-evident, and easy-to-open blister packaging provides protection and helps boost the visual appeal of the products.

Here are some of the products listed:

1.    Food and snacks – We at Pack Time have one of the best ways to pack single-serving snacks and fresh products is blister packaging. It is one of the most convenient portions, extending the shelf life and preserving the freshness of products. Blister also helps reduce food waste and enhance transportation efficiency.

2.   Toys and gamesPack Time one of the best and most unique blister packaging for toys and games is its ability to provide customers with tactile and interactive experiences.  This packing allows the customers to have the sense of feeling of touch and make the decision to purchase the product or not.

3.   Electronic and accessories – it becomes a difficult task when you are a manufacturer of consumer electronics, you need to choose the blisters to safeguard your products. the point comes where the electronics / electronic devices are very sensitive and one needs to be careful. So, Pack Time comes with these blister components that need to be sensitive, and they need protection against moisture, static, and any physical damage during transportation and storage.

4.    Hardware and tools – Hardware items like screws, nails, bits, and small tools are often blister packaged. The pharma companies help to keep these items organized and intact, allowing customers to see the content before purchasing.

5.   DIY and craft supplies – Blisters are often used for DIY and other craft supplies like buttons, beads, small craft tools, and art supplies. It is used to keep the items organized and visually appealing, allowing the customers to select their desired products.

What are the Future trends in blister packaging?

The packaging capabilities of pharma packaging formats such as carded and clamshell blisters fulfill the precise and required packaging needs. Trends in Blister Packaging  increasing production output from the global pharmaceuticals sector has created a massive demand for pharmaceutical packaging, especially blister packs.

    •  PPG announced the official opening of its Packaging Coatings Innovation Centre, Europe in Bodelshausen, Germany, in November 2021. The greatly increased analytical and R&D capabilities of the plant to improve and speed the development of packaging coatings solutions across a wide variety of end markets.

    • Sealed Air Singapore offered creative and environmentally responsible packaging solutions in December 2021. Its TemPreserve Insulated Foam and QuikwrapTM Nano paper solutions were both honored at the 'Made in Singapore’ awards and the 'Designed in Singapore’ awards, respectively.


Pharma packaging companies demonstrate its versatility and value across industries. Whether preserving medication integrity or enhancing retail product appeal, blister packaging excels. With its benefits, Pack Time blister packaging is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation. As industries evolve, blister packaging remains an essential choice, meeting the demands of modern consumers.