In order to manufacture superior quality packaging material, Pack Time has set up state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune. The manufacturing facility is certified with ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 15378 and our product range is DMF registered with USFDA and Health Canada.

The manufacturing facility currently has the following capabilities:

  1. Coating and Lamination
  2. Extrusion Coating and Laminations
  3. Printing (High speed Flexographic and Rotogravure printers)
  4. Slitting (Precision & high speed KAMPF slitter)
  5. R&D, QC and Testing facility


Coating and Lamination

Coating and Lamination are essential components of the primary pharma packaging process as they ensure that the drug is properly encased and protected.

Pack Time boasts of an advanced Coating and Lamination facility which has been manufactured by Nordmeccanica, Italy. In order to ensure dust-free input of raw material while processing, this facility produces laminate variants in a single pass with precision, consists of a High-Pressure Vacuum system.

In addition to this, the Coating and Lamination facility is also equipped with features like an online coating weight measurement system, front-back defect detection and tagging system, as well as a solvent monitoring system.

Extrusion Coating and Laminations

PackTime is proud of its tandem extrusion coating machine from ETS - Dae Kwang, South Korea that offers a variety of laminate options from 2 Ply to 5 Ply layers of Paper, Aluminium Foil, PET, Metallized PET, BOPP, PVB and LDPE of varying gauges as per your needs. Our extrusion line boasts of comprehensive modern technologies like auto dies and automatic gauge control system that minimize human effort and error to give you your desired product as good as it can get.

Our dies are built to process batches like plain and coloured MB polyethylene, acidic copolymers, acrylic terpolymers, EAA and ionomers. Extrusion Lamination is getting increasingly popular over adhesive lamination owing to myriad benefits it offers such as: alleviation of solvents/ compounds used in adhesives, enhanced bond strength, consistent/ continuous production of laminate owing to auto-splicing feature of the machine, no curing required as in the case of adhesive lamination thereby enhancing production throughput and much enhanced barrier properties as compared to adhesive lamination.


With the evolution of pharma-packaging sector, the concept of printing information on the primary packaging of drugs has come to fore. To ensure that the printing on the packaging is of high quality, Pack Time has a premiere printing facility at its plant which consists of a Flexo Printing Machine imported from Omet, Italy. Capable of printing with Solvent Inks, Water- based Inks, Low migration UV Inks, this printing unit allows us to produce several variants of the printed material.

This printer can print with a line speed of 200 mpm and it is also equipped with a Digital servo drives that enables 4 Color front and back registration with accuracy at high speeds, thus making our printing facility one of the fastest in the industry. Apart from the High-Pressure Vacuum system for dust-free input of raw material, the printing unit also comes with an operational High-Vacuum Extractor to ensure the removal of foreign particles that could lead to distortion of printed text. Pack Time’s printing facility also includes 3 Roto Gravure Printing Machines in addition to the Flexo Printing Machine.


To guarantee that the function of cutting is carried out with precision and accuracy, Pack Time has the ultramodern High-Speed Kampf Slitter and the topnotch HCI, Taiwan Slitters in its Slitting Facility. With a slitting width ranging from 25 mm to 1370 mm and a slitting as well as winding accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm, the slitting facility at Pack Time is one of the best in the pharma packaging industry.

This facility is also capable of delivering a Maximum Outer Diameter of up-to 800 mm with perfect Flush Finish, consequently adding to the efficiency of slitting. In order to ensure faster job completion, this slitting unit has the lowest set-up time in the market.

QC and Testing

Quality Control is one of the most essential aspects of any pharma packaging industry as it keeps a check on the quality of wrapping manufactured. Owing to the importance of the testing process, Pack Time has a number of testers in its QC and Testing Facility that examine various parameters of the packaging. The B-Map burst tester imported from Germany is deployed for Cold form testing while the Karl Fisher tester is used for Solvent Moisture level testing.

The QC facility also consists of a PH-Tester for testing the acidity/alkalinity of solvents and inks. The strength and malleability of the packaging is inspected using the Seal Strength Tester, Bond Strength Tester and the Tensile Tester. There are numerous other testing units present in the QC facility like COF Tester, Leak Tester, Stability Chamber, Gas Chromatograph, FTIR with Microscope, and Blister Cold Form Machine.