Cold form Alu Alu is a first-rate multilayered structure suited for highly sensitive formulations in the most aesthetically-pleasing format that provides with protection against water vapor and gases and also acts as an excellent barrier against light and dust.

The Cold Form Alu Alu blisters produced at Pack Time are available with various printed patterns to give unique brand identity and also act as anti-counterfeit feature for the Pharma products.

Unique Features:

Suitable for packaging of highly sensitive formulations in the most aesthetically pleasing format providing complete protection against water vapour, light, gases and aroma etc.

Higher Yield per sqmt. results in material saving impacting the raw material procurement cost.

Better Deep Draw. Forming Depth of 7.6mm archived on 45 micron Aluminum Foil (Best in the industry).

Lowest Solvent Retention resulting in zero de-lamination.

Consistent coating weight of adhesive and primer achieved in process through online NDC Infrared coating weight detection system.

Futec online defect detection and tagging system (both sides of the material) to detect Pinholes of min. 10 micron diameter.

Product Technical Specifications

  1. Cold Form Foil (25 µm OPA/ 45 µm Alu foil/ 60 µm PVC)
  2. Cold Form Foil (PVC/OPA/Alu/PVC - 60/25/60/60)