For Unit Dose Applications

Suppositories are solid dosage form intended for insertion into the human body cavities or orifices where they melt or dissolve and exert localised or systematic effect.
Packaging of suppositories can be done in different forms, but blister packing is mostly preferred due to convenience of handling, ease of application, convenience in packaging and for ease of dispensing of the formulation.

Blister packs of suppositories can be made composed of Alu/PE or PVC/PE. In both these cases, there is a top and bottom foil and sealing occurs with the PE side of both these top and bottom laminates. Suppository manufacturing and packing operation is a form-fill-seal operation and packing material has to undergo this cycle. Additionally, packing features such as peelable and tear apart can also be provided in the suppository packaging.

Test Product Technical Specifications

  1. Cold Form Foil (25 µm OPA/ 45 µm Alu foil/ 60 µm PVC)
  2. Cold Form Foil (PVC/OPA/Alu/PVC - 60/25/60/60)