Pack Time Hard-Tempered Blister Lidding Foils combine innovative printing solutions on Roto Gravure and Flexo. Various print patterns and micro-text printing are made available in 8-color, 6-color, 4-color, and two-color with solvent based inks and water-based inks.

The printing is further enhanced by adding anti-counterfeit features such as UV inks, thermochromic inks, and color-shifting inks. Options are also made available in reverse printing with precision in registration.

Unique Features:

High Heat Seal Resistance upto 280 deg. C. with OPV + recipe.

Excellent machineability for low sealing temperature ranging between 145 deg. 170 deg. C. when sealing with PVC/ PVdC.

Printable upto 8 colors or 4+4 front and back printing with precision.

Printed overt Anti-counterfeit features with precision in printing lowest font of 0.5 size (Lowest in the industry).

High production speed with consistent yield per kg. and zero fumes while manufacturing.

Lowest Solvent Retention. (Zero Solvent Retention incase of Water Based HSL )

Usage of universal primer/foil wash/water based primer/acrylic primer/ PET based primer on customer request.

Product Technical Specifications

  1. Cold Form Foil (25 µm OPA/ 45 µm Alu foil/ 60 µm PVC)
  2. Cold Form Foil (PVC/OPA/Alu/PVC - 60/25/60/60)