blister lidding foil
blister liddig foils


Pack Time Hard-Tempered Blister Lidding Foils combine innovative printing solutions on Roto Gravure and Flexo. Various print patterns and micro-text printing are made available in 8-color, 6-color, 4-color, and two-color with solvent based inks and water-based inks.

The printing is further enhanced by adding anti-counterfeit features such as UV inks, thermochromic inks, and color-shifting inks. Options are also made available in reverse printing with precision in registration.

Unique Features:

  • High Heat Seal Resistance upto 280 deg. C. with OPV + recipe.
  • Excellent machineability for low sealing temperature ranging between 145 deg. 170 deg. C. when sealing with PVC/ PVdC.
  • Printable upto 8 colors or 4+4 front and back printing with precision.
  • Printed overt Anti-counterfeit features with precision in printing lowest font of 0.5 size (Lowest in the industry).
  • High production speed with consistent yield per kg. and zero fumes while manufacturing.
  • Lowest Solvent Retention. (Zero Solvent Retention incase of Water Based HSL )
  • Usage of universal primer/foil wash/water based primer/acrylic primer/ PET based primer on customer request.


Lyra & Orion


*Lyra and Orion variants are available in unprinted versions suitable for printing with Solvent based NC Inks/ Water based Inks/ Low Migration UV Inks as per customer specificationcustomer specific widths with reel outer diameter of 800 mm. max.

Printed Variants available with Anti-couterfeit features incorporated in the print designs. Please specify the codes while placing the orders as per below list:

GD = Glow in dark Inks

TC = Thermo-chromic Ink

TL = Translucent Inks

MT = Micro Text (Printing upto 0.5 font size with precision)

MP = Moire Pattern

GL = Guilloche Pattern



All variants available in customer spefied widths with outer diameter of 800 mm

*Libra variants available in print on Rotogravure/ Flexgraphy process